The Wrath of the iOtians

Outer Range

May 12, 2022 Jake and Ron Episode 42
The Wrath of the iOtians
Outer Range
Show Notes

The iOtians chat about the weird and wonderful western ... Outer Range! Josh Brolin stars as Royal Abbott. He finds a mysterious hole at the edge of his ranch that causes trouble for his family and challenges their future. Meanwhile, a rival family schemes to take the land hosting the hole away from the Abbotts. This show has everything that Yellowstone has and so much more: bull riding, family rivalries,  a strange woman from out of nowhere, a singing cowboyand did we mention a big f**king hole!? Put on your cowboy hat and boots and pack up your Fritos ... we're jumping into the abyss together!

Big thanks to Wayne for making an appearance! Hope you feel better soon, and tell Billy to stop singing so much! We didn’t mean to throw you into the hole … it was an accident!

Correction: Outer Range on Prime TV Season 1 is 8 episodes and not 9 as reported in the podcast.

Outer Range, created by Brian Watkins (Prime TV)

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"You can't bring Fritos with you into the hole!"

The superior corn chip!

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