The Wrath of the iOtians

Severance and From on EPIX Finales

April 22, 2022 Jake and Ron Episode 40
The Wrath of the iOtians
Severance and From on EPIX Finales
Show Notes

The iOtians chat about the Severance and From on EPIX finales! The Severance finale was nail-biting and heart-stopping! What an incredible season of TV; from the directing and set design to the casting, acting, and writing. We don't ever want to be severed, but we love Severance! :) We can't wait for season 2!

Candidly, we were disappointed in the From on EPIX finale. We felt like it borrowed heavily from the Lost playbook (the mysterious hatch--er, lighthouse; the "Other's" voice on the radio; the boat at the end of season 1 of Lost that was transmogrified into a radio tower).  We didn't learn anything new about those smiley vampire people. Most importantly ... what happened to the horror?! Did  Victor hide it somewhere? All this said, at the end of the day, we thought From on EPIX was generally incredible, and we'll still tune in for season 2
presuming there is a season 2. (We're looking at you Amazon Prime!)

Jake has some book recommendations, and Ron has been watching Slow Horses on Apple TV+.

Finally, big thanks to a guy named Burt! We don’t know if it’s Burt from college or Burt from Severance. All we can say is, it’s definitely Burt!

Severance (Apple TV+)

From on EPIX!

Slow Horses (Apple TV+)

Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Echo

Sam Knight, "Robert Eggers's Historical Visions Go Mainstream"
The New Yorker,  March 28, 2022

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